Eliminate time spent searching for the correct file, working on wrong file versions, or exporting files for viewing outside of CAD

Easily get feedback from non-CAD users earlier in project, improving project quality
CAD in cloud
Installs in minutes, no IT costs for maintenance or upgrades

Upload and download files as well as resolve conflicts through the Workbench SolidWorks add-in or desktop client.

PDM Made Easy

Try GrabCAD Workbench, the cloud-based PDM that ensures your team is always working on the right CAD file.

Companies using Workbench

Workbench Features

Sync Desktop Files
Partner Spaces

Release product data to customers and manufacturers without them seeing all of your project data -- or each other.

Benefits for Engineers

"The PDM functionality in Workbench allows us to manage our CAD files and ensures every team member, both internally and externally around the world, is using the correct design revision."

Cameron Mitchell, Product Development Engineer

File Locking

Lock files for exclusive edit while letting the rest of the team know. Project owners can always override the lock.